Vintage Paul Walker Fast & Furious Interview on The View Gets a Little H0 rny

Towards the launch of Fast X, a throwback meeting on The View features late Rapid & Angry franchise pillar Paul Walker, who promotes the original 2001 film.

Slash Film reported that Robert Pedestrian and Yune were guests on The View to promote The and Furious. During their interview, they discussed what fans should expect from the flick, how much of the stunts they did by themselves, and the risks related to rate racing. Mr. Pedestrian mentioned that the movie “demonstrates beyond a doubt that speed can be exhilarating, but it also points out how dangerous it can be.” Behar jokingly suggested that watching guys in fast cars is “very delightful,” causing Yune to add “it’s kind of like getting intimate” before everyone burst into laughter.

Cast of the Original Fast and ferious

One of the main characters in The fast and ferious was Pedestrian, who played LAPD detective Brian O’Conner, whereas Yune portrayed Vietnamese gang leader Johnny Tran, who was Dominic Toretto’s archrival. While O’Conner became a franchise business staple in the Fast & Furious movie series, Yune’s character just appeared in the original movie, fatally shooting after securing among Dom’s pals during a vehicle chase.

The Fast and the Furious became a smashing success since its June 2001 release, earning $207 million at the box office and kickstarting a hugely successful movie franchise. Aside from The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, Paul Walker appeared in all the films until his unfortunate death in an automobile accident while riding as a passenger in a charity event. To complete Furious 7, Paul’s siblings Cody & Caleb were brought in to shoot his remaining scenes.

Brian O’Conner, farewell

Since O’Conner is still part of the fast  & Furious canon, Diesel has assured the franchise will certainly give him a proper goodbye before it ends. Rather than being the opening of a two-movie ending, Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez have strongly hinted that Fast X will be the first in a closing trilogy.

Pedestrian’s influence will be remembered in fast X with Field, his daughter, appearing in the upcoming movie. A behind-the-scenes photograph of her character in a plane has been released. Fast X boasts an impressive cast that includes Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Helen Mirren, John Cena, and Brie Larson. Fans will also be delighted to see Dwayne” The Rock” Johnson returning as Luke Hobbs in spite of declaring he had left the franchise in 2021.


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