Tiger Mom Controversy

Tiger Mom Controversy – Are You?

Tiger MomTiger mom is a strict mom, controlling over her perfect daughter or son. Some people are almost believed that they can be cruel.

Which type is your parenting style?

A special-education teacher and behavior consultant at ABC Moms, Inc, Dana Burke said, “Most people are a blend of parenting styles.”

There are many factors influence a child’s development, according to the “Handbook of Child Psychology”, those are: family size, their culture, parental background, educational level, socioeconomic status, religion – and their family’s unique mix of parenting styles.

The concept of Tiger Mom” during the last couple of months and the pros and cons of it are being debated around the world.

In today’s world, raising kids is not an easy task, there are serious matters that are wrong moves and one can lose it all. In today’s times, disciplining is a much misunderstood word. Parents are not sure of the boundaries anymore with the law laying down strict dos and don’ts.

Popularized by Amy Chau, Tiger Mom is bigger issue that almost proud arrogance displayed by similarly minded families that severally limits the life experience of their children.Tiger Mom Controversy

Basically, Tiger Mom is a concept argument between soft parenting on the one hand and hard or tough parenting on the other. Against this argument, nations are equally divided for.

Some common parenting styles are identified as a type of mom and of course apply to dads too.

Parenting is not a popularity contest and there should be healthy fear among children towards their parents.

Every style of parent has good intentions and wants to do right by their kids, consistency and predictability are what changes behavior.

Parents should just look for strategies to make thing going better and more smoothly in the home. As parents, stay focus on the things you can control to influence your child.

Parents pf all ages are looking for the best way to rise their children, In time past people used to believe that you use common sense to rear children but what about now?

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